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WE APOLOGIZE!! Witchy Way is still currently under development. please feel free to visit our Crew Page, or look into our special Tarot Card reading Services. Please bear with us while we finish rebuilding.

Hello and Welcome to Witchy Way, an occult business founded in a very small town in New Jersey lying in the shadows of New York City. This site is the dream of a very poor, very optimistic college student with a passion for the Craft. It's unique in several ways, one being that it’s a community of artists converging together into one space. We at Witchy Way specialize in the home made and the unique, bringing a personal touch back to the occult from home made altar pentacles to hand dipped candles to suit your spell craft needs. Here you will find everything from chainmail jewelry beautifully done by A-Sharpe Designs to stunning masks and figurines that are the product of Old Grey Lion Studios. Each artist gets their due, and brings their own special spice to this shop.

From the magical to the mundane, we have everything to suit your needs from altar cloths to athames. There are also resources for the practicing Pagan that include links to the websites of our incredible online friends, podcasts and videos available to download and listen to, and links to a blog that acts as a guide for the solitary practitioner, video lectures and demonstrations, and podcasts. We also offer reiki and tarot services, booked by appointment through e-mail. This isn’t your granny’s occult shop

Have something you really desire but didn't see it on our site? Have any questions about a product you're interested in? Have any comments you'd like to share about our site and products? Contact us anytime! We would love to hear from you, and would be happy to discuss custom products with you if you so desire. Reach out to us anytime, we listen with open ears! Enjoy the site and Brightest Blessings!

The Witchy Way Family

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E-Mail: witchywayoccultshop@yahoo.com
Address: 52 MacFarlan Ave. Hawthorne, NJ, 07506